Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Gracey

She was watching me unwrap a little chocolate egg, and she was pretty sure she was going to get some of it! Too cute!

As you can see, she likes the chocolate egg she got! So funny!

Yay, french fries with ketchup, she just really wanted the ketchup!

See my knees? Lol!

Isn't she just the sweetest thing! Love the curls!

She is just too cute! We went shopping yesterday and she was so funny. I have to say I have a very smart little niece:) And the facial expressions this girl has is amazing! Here are a few pictures I took throughout the day. Hard to get her to look at me, she was just too busy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My new egg cooker!

So, we might be strange having an egg cooker, but we really like it! We had one that was built right into our toaster, but that part of it died. So I set out to find a new one. I looked online and at a few stores and found one today at Fleet & Farm in Oshkosh here. Most of the ones I looked at I would have had to have shipped, but I can always count on Fleet! We are trying it out right now. It cooks 7 eggs for soft or hard boil, and 4 for poached eggs. We really like our hard boiled eggs. Keith likes to eat a couple for breakfast or break at work - with Ritz crackers. And I like to have one for breakfast or after a workout/run. So, we are back to cookin eggs again! (I hate doing them on the stove)